Sun Salutations Workshop I

In this energetic workshop we will explore the breath guided movements of Satyananda and Ashtanga styles of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) together with other asana, meditation and relaxation practice.

The Sun Salutations workshop is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced yogis. Beginners, please note that an intermediate level of fitness and flexibility is required to safely take part in this workshop.


Friday, 7th August, 2020, 10.30am-12.30pm


Zoom Class. Imagine a place. Stay Home.

How much:

£25 per person, the second person using the same screen is eligible for 30% discount to the full price of the workshop.

How to prepare, what to bring:

Please have a look here at the key practical information.

To reserve your space, please send a booking request via the contact form


Please note that this workshop is a part of:

Explore Yoga Series of Workshops and development of a concept of a ‘holiday at home’ (we started before we even imagined the lockdown could happen… at that time ‘at home’ meant not traveling far, practicing in the studio… now it’s Zoom, soon it will be both too) 

You may decide to book any combination of workshops or just one and… Turn Your Weekend into a YOGA RETREAT at home! 

5th Yoga Retreat at Home – Finding Beauty, Being Beauty

The workshops can be booked on their own or as a part of supported DIY yoga retreat at home. Suggestions for mindful and convivial activities in-between the workshops will be provided.

£25 per workshop | £48 for 2 workshops booked together | £72 for 3 workshops booked together | £96 for 4 workshops booked together | Saturday 10.30am outdoors session is FREE for all participants of other workshops, as well as daily meditations