Yoga with Mairi classes are based on classical Hatha Yoga, while adopting and integrating discoveries from contemporary holistic practices for physical and emotional wellbeing. All classes with Mairi include exercises of mindfulness, breath-work, movement, posture and relaxation. The classes are responsive to participants’ capability, and can be designed for people of all ages and abilities.

With regular practice you can expect to see your mind calming, soul shining, and body becoming more flexible, balanced and strong. Overall, with this kind of yoga practice, people start feeling healthier, happier, more resilient and more at peace.

If this sounds good, it is up to you to give it a go, and put in effort to find yourself on a yoga mat, but please never think that you are too young or too old, too inflexible, or too big or small, to give it a try. All groups are really lovely and you would feel welcome as soon as you step in. There is also a possibility of arranging a private class, to start with, if that suits you better. Individual sessions can be also arranged as a chair-based practice for anyone with reduced mobility, fatigue or both. 

To find what people say about the classes, please check out the Testimonials.

For more information about regular classes please see the pages on the Practice of Yoga,  Classes Timetable and Practical Details. Mairi also designs and leads workshops, retreats, and other yoga and health related events. For these kind of stuff please check the Workshops & Retreats page.

To book a class please send a message using this contact form.


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