Where do I begin!

If you are looking for physical and mental improvement not to mention pure joy then look no further than Yoga with Mairi!

As a regular participant of Mairi’s Wednesday morning “Stretch to Yoga” class I have experienced improved flexibility and core strength. 


Skilled and gentle teacher…

I really appreciated Mairi’s approach, she is rigorous in getting the asanas and breathing right, rather than instructing a quick flow, which improved my practice and mental health.

Many thanks, Namaste

— Aileen

Improved my practice and mental health…

I have been attending Mairi’s yoga classes for over a year now and have found them to be a very relaxing, uplifting experience which has also benefitted my health. Having recently completed a very enjoyable 6 week “Sun Salutations” course, I am becoming much more flexible now and the focus on breathing is helping me to become more mindful in my practice. Mairi is a very professional, caring, enthusiastic teacher who creates a beautifully warm and inspiring experience during the lessons.

Thank you Mairi for all your help & encouragement

— Eileen

A very relaxing, uplifting experience

I began my practice of Yoga with Mairi over two years ago and have taken many classes with Mairi over this time.  For years I had been ‘dipping into yoga practice’ and as I settled into practice with Mairi I realised I was learning yoga for the first time, learning the depth and beauty of it, this foundation for living each day. The nurturing, reliable and stable foundation of Yoga with Mairi has helped to carry me through the major challenges of this past year. It enhances my energy and motivation and provides the calm to help me sleep. Mairi has a gift for teaching, for designing classes for different needs, for being sensitive, gentle and kind and for taking you with her on the journey.

— Julie

I realised I was learning yoga for the first time

After an illness I was looking for an exercise class where I could increase my strength, my flexibility and my lung capability. With Yoga, and with Mairi, I have achieved those objectives and so much more. My classes are the most relaxing hours of my week but in addition I achieve all of my exercise objectives, and I have also started to understand the benefits of meditation. I am still a beginner, but Yoga has been such a revelation and Mairi is such a good teacher. I would recommend Yoga with Mairi for so many different reasons.

— Neil

Yoga has been such a revelation