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If you are still exploring the landscape of yoga offers to find a teacher and a community perfectly suited for you, this is where you can find more about Mairi, about  Hatha Yoga and about the Yoga with Mairi classes.  To read what people say about Yoga with Mairi classes please check the Testimonials

There are several ways you can start or re-start your Hatha Yoga practice with us. You can join suitable regular classes straight away (online, or in a community hall again from May 2022), or book an initial private session (online or studio-based) and then decide if and when to join the class. Individual sessions can be also arranged as a chair-based practice for anyone with reduced mobility, fatigue or both. There are also occasional workshops, retreats and events that you can join independently of regular class attendance. You can find the current classes timetable here. To book a class or a private appointment please send a message via contact form

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Where do I begin!

If you are looking for physical and mental improvement not to mention pure joy then look no further than Yoga with Mairi!

As a regular participant of Mairi’s Wednesday morning “Stretch to Yoga” class I have experienced improved flexibility and core strength. 


Skilled and gentle teacher…

I really appreciated Mairi’s approach, she is rigorous in getting the asanas and breathing right, rather than instructing a quick flow, which improved my practice and mental health.

Many thanks, Namaste

— Aileen

Improved my practice and mental health…