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If you are ready to start or restart your yoga practice with Mairi please get in touch to book your space. Starting a new habit is not easy, but making yoga practice a habit is a wise thing to do. Better sooner than later, but it’s never too late. 

If you are still exploring the landscape of yoga offers to find a teacher and a community perfectly suited for you, this is where you can find more about Mairi, about Hatha Yoga and about Yoga with Mairi classes.  To read what people say about Yoga with Mairi classes please check the Testimonials

May your own journey into Yoga be full of bliss and happiness! Namaste.


Mairi is a professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful Hatha yoga teacher, who is sensitive to the needs of her students. I would recommend Mairi to anyone who wants to achieve a peaceful body and mind while improving balance and flexibility. Thank you Mairi. 

— Sonja

A peaceful body and mind

Where do I begin!

If you are looking for physical and mental improvement not to mention pure joy then look no further than Yoga with Mairi!

As a regular participant of Mairi’s Wednesday morning “Stretch to Yoga” class I have experienced improved flexibility and core strength. 


Skilled and gentle teacher…