About yoga teacher Mairi [my-ree]

After traveling seven seas, both geographically and professionally, Mairi started running Yoga with Mairi classes in central Scotland, in 2018, gradually growing a small but inclusive community of dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioners. Now getting close to 1000 of teaching hours delivered.

Mairi started practicing Hatha Yoga 20 years ago, and had an honour to learn from many amazing teachers across the world. Her practice was, however, particularly influenced by the Bihar and Hridaya schools of Yoga, and this orientation led her to discover the Akasha Yoga Academy (Bali/Thailand), where she completed her 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. Mairi also holds a First Class Certificate in Philosophy of Yoga, from Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies affiliated to the University of Oxford (2016).

Besides that, and somewhat relevant to her teaching, Mairi holds a continental MD qualification from her first degree, and she is a Master of Science in social medicine from her second degree. She also holds a postgraduate qualification in Cultural and Gender Studies. Since her first qualification from the School of Medicine at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), and until recently, Mairi was an academic researcher in social medicine and medical sociology, and for some time, also a lecturer. She was specialising in qualitative research and understanding health and access to healthcare, with a particular interest in complexity theory, holistic health & integrative healthcare. You can find more about that body of work here.

The above mentioned mixture of natural and social sciences in the background, with a sprinkle of humanities too, occasionally adds a quirky flavour to the Hatha Yoga classes that Mairi offers. However, the classes are primarily based on Mairi’s own yoga practice, and the heartfelt sharing of what she has learned from her amazing yoga teachers. Read more about Mairi’s yoga journey and her yoga teachers and  join Yoga with Mairi on your own yoga journey!


Mairi is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher since January 2018, and Yoga Scotland registered teacher since September 2020. She is also a member of British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA), where she had an honour to serve on the Board of Trustees during the transformational time of the BHMA in 2018.


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