I can say that I have lived my life to discover Yoga. I love it so much, and that love is the place from where I teach it.

I have been a Yoga practitioner for nearly 20 years, and have had the honour to learn from many amazing teachers across the world. My practice was, however, particularly influenced by the Bihar and Hridaya schools of Yoga. This orientation led me to discover the Akasha Yoga Academy, where I completed my 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (2017).

I am a Yoga Alliance registered teacher since January 2018, and Yoga Scotland registered teacher since September 2020. I also hold a First Class Certificate in Philosophy of Yoga, from Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies affiliated with the University of Oxford (2016).

Besides that, and only partly relevant, I am a medical doctor by education, and and until recently a practicing academic researcher in social medicine, with expertise in understanding access to healthcare and holistic health. The mixture of natural and social sciences in my head, occasionally adds a quirky flavour to my ongoing studies of Yoga, and to the Yoga classes I teach. However, the classes are primarily based on my Yoga practice, and the heartfelt sharing of what I have learned from my teachers.


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