The Practice of Yoga

In the Western societies, Yoga is mostly seen, and practiced, as a physical exercise. In its original Eastern philosophical and cultural context, Yoga is much more than that.

However, we don’t actually need to do much more than the skillfully guided physical exercise of Yoga Asanas (traditional postures), in order to experience that ‘much more’ that Yoga is. And that is the beauty of the Yoga practice called Hatha Yoga.

If practiced regularly, Yoga exercises gently lead us to powerful and profound transformations of both our body and our mind. And in that sense, Yoga is a truly holistic practice that supports the flow of life within us and stimulates self-healing.

And this is really important: regardless of misleading popular images of acrobatic young yogis, Yoga is a practice accessible to all. Yoga practice improves body’s strength, flexibility, and both, inner and outer balance. It also clams the mind and opens a possibility of knowing ourselves in a new and empowering way.

What better can one expect from a physical exercise, than being relaxed, energised and full-hearted, at ease with oneself and with the world! And that is the practice of Hatha Yoga – a gentle journey of meeting yourself on a yoga mat, discovering the innate beauty, peace and power.

The best of all: you don’t really need to be very flexible to do Yoga! You just need to give it a go (and give yourself a chance to shine!).


© 2018 Yoga with Mairi, by Marija Kovandzic



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