Key Practical Information

Location and parking

Imagine a place. Stay at home.

This is a Zoom based retreat, with only one outdoor session if you live locally and you decide to opt for it. Great stuff about this all is that there is no need to pack and travel anywhere far or at all! Find something good in everything 🙂

Arrival & Departure

The virtual class will be open from 15min before the workshop stats, please arrive in time to settle and start promptly.

Zoom has not yet open the teleportation channel so I am afraid no herbal tea will be served after each workshop, but it’s a good idea to have some at home after the workshop is finished.

For the outdoor session you will get a separate guidance with regards to the meeting point, arrival time, and what to bring.

Clothing and equipment

We practice in any comfortable clothing and bare footed. You would need a yoga mat, and a blanket for the final relaxation (the cosier the better!). For the Zoom sessions, it would be also handy to have 3  good sized cushions ready, and a few tick books if you don’t have yoga blocks. Please ask for advice on any other props, or bring any that you already know as being helpful to you.

Other important information

It is advisable to practice yoga on an empty stomach, yet it is important not to be starving during your practice either. Yoga is all about good balance! So ideally try not to eat in the two hours before the practice, while making sure you had a good meal or a snack before that, so that you have enough energy during your practice. Eating after yoga is delicious, particularly if you eat life-affirming food, mindfully and slowly.

All of the workshops involve some period of sitting still so having a comfortable room temperature at your place is recommendable. If you sign up for the workshop you would get an additions leaflet about arranging your home studio space.

If you have any chronic conditions, please check with your GP if it’s safe for you to practice yoga in a workshop settings (longer than a regular class). If you have an acute illness or injury, rest is the best! (along with any medical treatment if necessary).


To find what people say about the classes, you can check out the Testimonials.

If you would like to book the workshops or a regular class please send a message using this contact form.

If you need more information please check the main Classes page  and the Workshops page, and if you still have a question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.