Sun Salutations Course

End your week by learning something empowering. Charge your batteries with inner sunshine. Aquire a self-practice tool for life.

Suitable for people with some experience of Hatha Yoga, no major health or joints issues, and at least an intermediate level of fitness and flexibility, seeking to build up stamina, stretnght, flexibility and calm. 

In this six week course you will learn and practice the sequence of Satyananda style of Sun Salutations – a beautiful Hatha Yoga routine that can become your morning ‘feel good secret’, when times are scarce for more extensive Yoga practise, or just along it. This signature class is designed to create both empowering and calming effects of Yoga within shorter than usual length of a Yoga class – adjusting the ancient practice to the current times (with hope that in turn, the life will slow down a bit too).

Each class is composed of introductory breath awareness meditation, mid class sequence practice, and relaxation in the end. So in 45min, at the end of your week, you can tick three boxes at once, and start the weekend before it really starts! In these six weeks you will acquire a self-practice tool for life. If this sounds good, please join us!

This interactive live online course (45min classes, over 6 weeks), is running in small groups, via Zoom.The next course starts on Friday, 25th February 2022.

Course fee: £72

To make an enquiry or book directly please get in touch via contact form or book strait away through the Eventbrite.


What people who completed the Sun Salutations course say about it:

I would highly recommend the Sun Salutations classes, especially during the current pandemic, as they consist of a very useful sequence of yoga movements which can be practised every morning to lift your spirits at the start of the day, while also building on your strength, flexibility and mindfulness.” Eileen

In the Sun Salutation classes Mairi taught each part of the movement carefully and precisely, providing a beautiful learning experience. I am now confident to practice Sun Salutation on my own.” Julie

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