Yoga Inversions Masterclass by an Inversion Wimp

A step by step guide to inversion (upside-down) poses in yoga. Trust me, it’s possible.

Inversion poses in Hatha Yoga, are considered to be among the most important and beneficial yoga poses, yet most of them may look unachievable for many.

In this workshop I will share with you my own experience of getting into inversion yoga poses, as someone who loved yoga, and practiced it for long time but was really scared to try the upside-down poses, headstand in particular. Shoulder stand was easier to make, but that was scary too at the beginning. Then came the plough, and then I managed to get into the headstand too. And voila! I am now learning how to do a handstand. In my late 40s, yup.

The key thing I’ve learned through my shy attempts in yoga inversions, was that when we know how to enter and exit the pose, what muscles to engage and how to breathe throughout, the fear slowly dissolves into ease. Another key learning for me was that, yoga inversions are not about being brave, they are about being safe in every single moment of the pose. So, now, with 10 years of experience of doing headstands, and neraly 20 of easer inversions, it’s time to share!

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • How to approach the idea of being upside down in a yoga pose
  • How to prepare the body for being able to hold you in an inversion pose
  • How to get in and out, and hold a pose

Please note: You may or may not get into the pose in this workshp, but you will know what to keep practicing.

What will you experience in this workshop?

  • A heartfelt sharing based on first-hand experience of a reflective yoga practitioner of nearly 20 years.
  • A yummy Hatha Yoga class, regardless of whether you end up upside down or not, or how many inversions poses you manage to make.

Who is this workshop for?

Well-versed healthy yoga practitioners, who still didn’t dare to go upside-down but would love to learn how get into inversion poses in a slow and safe way.

Who is this workshop NOT for?

  1. Athletes who walk on their hands for fun and well versed ‘inversionists’ in yoga practice – nothing new for you guys to learn here – but do get in touch as I may want to learn from you!
  2. People with acute health conditions – you guys get well fist and we’ll see you then!
  3. People with chronic health conditions where inversion poses are not recommended – please check with your GP or a family doctor – and if that is the case, do get in touch anyway, as there are other yummy yoga classes for you!

IMPORTANT: Everything in this session will be oriented towards a safe practice, but responsibility to keep yourself safe throughout is yours. By buying the event ticket you agree to take this responsibility. To facilitate this you need to have a clear space for your practice at home, with access to a wall that you can lean on.


NEW DATE Saturday, 19th February 2022, 10am-12.30pm, London Time


Zoom Class. From the comfort of your home.

How much:

£25 per person

How to book: 

To reserve your space, please send a booking request via the contact form, quoting ‘Inversions Masterclass’, or get your ticket straight away from the Eventbrite page, please not that insures a ticket processing fee too. 

The world is upside-down, why not trying yourself? Everything might look better, at least for a moment!