Yoga Retreat at Home

Greeting the Winter. Hibernating. Dreaming a Better World…

This is an invite for everyone who needs an active rest and a bit of a ‘me-time-cave-time’ at home. Returning to simplicity. Switching off and tuning in. Tones of yoga, meditation, sleeping and dreaming.

For two days only. Could you switch off your phone? Your TV? Your social media, news feeds, gossips, washing machine, and the entire drama of the 2020? Regrets and sorrows of the past, and fears for the future? Pressing ‘pause’ and simply living in the present, as a present to yourself. For just two days, could you do that? Greeting the Winter, honouring the gifts of seasons, and welcoming returning light, in the wake of Winter Solstice, and just before Christmas.

If this sounds like a timely call, please join me! I will guide you through a 2-day programme (8.5 contact hours in total) of yoga (including pranayama and meditation). On Zoom. With suggestions and invitations for structured, purposely lazy & restful time in between the sessions, to create the sense of a mini holiday at home.


Saturday, 19th & Sunday 20th December, 2020


Zoom Class. Imagine a place. Stay Home and Make it Cozy (with a few touches of light).

How much:

Promotional price for the last Retreat at Home in 2020!

£96 per person, the second person using the same Zoom screen is eligible for 20% discount.


Saturday, 19th December

7.45am-8.05am Silent Meditation

10.30-12.30 – Yoga – Arriving to Ease

2.30-2.50 – Breath awareness meditation – falling into winter

4-6pm – Yoga – Dreamy Warriors & Sun Saluters

Sunday, 20th December

11am-12.30am – Yoga – Instead of Hiking or Skiing – Salute the Sun

2.30-2.50 – Meditation & Journaling

4.30-6pm – Yoga – Stretch, Wrap & Dream

6.05 – 6.35 – Dreams Weavers’ Reflections – Closing Circle

A detailed programme with invitation to structure the free time in between the sessions, and with suggestions on how to prepare for the retreat, will be sent to all participants, a week ahead of the retreat.

How to book: 

Bookings for this retreat are closed now. I am looking forward to welcoming you to the forthcoming late winter Radical Rest, Yoga Retreat at Home. Dates to be announced soon. To be first to know and reserve your space, please send a line via the contact form, quoting ‘Radical Rest’.

Looking forward to greeting you in a ‘bubble cave’ of the Winter Retreat at Home!