Annual Spring Yoga Challenge

The 2nd Annual Spring Yoga Challenge was scheduled for for 8-8.30am every morning on 20-25th April. But the lockdown happened and the plan needed some transformation.  And so now the Spring Yoga Challenge is ongoing… 

How? Chose any green spot near your home and any 5 or 7 days you can commit to do some outdoors practice on your own. I completed mine on 20-26th April – practicing tapas niyama while doing yoga outdoors every day for 7 days, connecting with the nature in and out, celebrating the Earth Day and inspiring others to do so! A blog post about this is coming soon. In the meantime check #SpringYogaChallengeScotland on Instagram or Facebook (@YogawithMairi) for some inspiration, or have look at the wee video from the last year’s practice in Bridge of Allan.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to hear more or get some support while doing your own Spring Yoga Challenge. Knowingly, last year we inspired a group in Perth, Scotland to do a similar thing, this year a spark of inspiration flew as far as to Malaysia!

It’s all about making a commitment to connect to yourself and the nature and do something simple yet extraordinary to boost the life energy and tune into the Spring season whenever it happens and in whichever form. It’s about awakening and connecting. In isolation, important more than ever.

Here is also one pic from the last day of our brave 7 days long practice in nature last year (not everyone practiced every day – but free community practice was taking place every day for 7 days – and it was really cool and a bit cold too but that didn’t stop us – it’s not all about practising on Bali 🙂 there is something about doing yoga in Scotland too!). Pics from this year will be uploaded soon.


Dates for the next year’s Spring Yoga Challenge in Bridge of Allan: 19th – 25th April 2021. Sign up for it now if you’s like to take part in co-designing it or be the first to know the details.