New Hall Class Starting in May – Bridge of Allan Parish Church, Wednesdays 3.45pm

Make it your mid week yoga sanctuary!

After 2 years of practicing only on zoom and occasionally outdoors, we are starting again with the hall practice, along with ongoing zoom classes. We always practiced spacious yoga, in and out. So we’ll continue keeping a comfortable distance between the mats.

The inner space – a sense of ease and lightens of being – is what we expand beyond any physically measurable parameters in all classes, and it just gets better in a beautiful outer spaces, like BofA Church Hall. We practice gentle but powerful and effective yoga practice. Beginners are welcome, but seasoned practitioners of serious yoga may enjoy it too.

The weekly classes start from Wednesday, 4th May – May the Forth be With You! 🙂

Once upon a time in 2019… and now again, Yoga with Mairi in BofA Church Hall

Each class lasts 75min and includes breath awareness meditation, supple warm up and breath guided asana practice (posture), finishing with yoga nidra practice (yogic guided relaxation). The practice is based on principles of yoga therapy and for many people they serve as an ongoing wellness and health improvement practice.

£15 per class or £55 for 4 weeks block of classes

All online block ticket holders are entitled to 10% discount to attend this class, subject to availability of spaces.

To read what people say about Yoga with Mairi classes please check Testimonials page.

To book your space please send a booking request via Contact page.